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6kVA Silent Ultra Portable Genset (Three Phase) Type
6kVA German Generator
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Generator Add-ons

Socket (male) 3 phase or Single phase Rental

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Price is for Either Single Phase Male Socket or Three Phase Male Socket. This item is to connect your wires into the socket so you can plug it into the Generator. Please determine if your wires are 3 phase or single phase. For Single phase, wires are: 1 Live, 1 Neutral, 1 Earth For Three phase, wires are 3 Live, 1 Neutral, 1 Earth.

Full Petrol Tank

Don't have time to pump petrol into the Generators? No problem, just select this option and we will fill it for you. You can just use it immediately with petrol inside already.

6kVA Silent Ultra Portable Genset (Three Phase)

6kVA German Generator


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